by brianna

Here’s a secret


I want to be your friend, your dance partner, & your hype girl!

I’m based in Las Vegas but my passport stays packed! I was born and raised in Wisconsin but moved out to Las Vegas in 2019. Everyone always asked me "why" and, honestly, I didn't know at the time. I just knew I needed a change from my hometown (of 700 people, yes you read that right)!

Let me tell you, I love it here! I love the busyness of the city, hiking in Red Rock, & road trips to some of the most beautiful locations close-by! Don't even get me started on the food out here... AHHHMAZING! 

HIII! It's ya girl, Bri :)


As a kid, I remember always appreciating art - whether that was photos, paintings, dancing, etc., I felt drawn to it. My disposable camera was my pride & joy! I still have some of my first photos I've taken with it. I started taking photography a little more serious my junior year of high school, but felt constricted.

In college, I majored in psychology & minored in photography, which was when I was able to let my creativity flow! I continued on to receive my masters in clinical psychology while putting photography on the back burner. Though psychology is still one of my loves, there was something missing.

All of a sudden it clicked - I needed to find the balance between human connection and creativity. I found my true love in documentary + editorial style photography. This is more than a job for me, it's my passion!

uncovering my true love : from psychology to photography

I personally hold a lot of value with a photograph, and those are the clients I want to attract as well. Being photographed can be a vulnerable process - for my clients and myself. There’s a quote by Annie Leibovitz where she says “A thing you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people”. I want my passion for photographing people & their connections to show through my work, and in turn make them fall in love with their love all over again. Creating photos you can feel and stories you can read.

falling in love through the lens

what matters most...

My goal when you look back on your photos is to go "I remember that!", "I didn't even see you taking this!", "I must've missed that!" Your only job is to be present in the moment. I'll make sure that your photos represent you & the emotions that surround you.


I LOVE LOVE. Every story is different, so every gallery is going to be different. I love hearing from Auntie about how proud she is of you, or from Dad telling me stories of you growing up. You're choosing to take this next step because you care about one another, I want to make sure your photos reflect that.


Obviously I want you to love your photos, but I value your experience during the photoshoot over everything! If you aren’t laughing or crying during the shoot, I didn’t do my job! I want you to leave feeling great about yourselves and your love for each other!

your experience

Every love story is unique, so every session should be just as unique! If you’re able to say “I trust you” that’s all I need to hear!


First look? I'm here for it. Private vows? Done. There is a good chance you took time to plan out specific details of your day, those are not going to go unnoticed. Capturing all of your small moments, makes for the most beautiful gallery.


When you work with me...

Not only are you going to have stunning, timeless photos to show generations to come, you are going to remember the confidence you had within yourself and the fun you had with your partner and photographer. My fiance, Kendall, loathes taking photos (lucky for him, he’s about to marry a photographer haha), so when we have our photos taken, I love a photographer we can connect with and will make the photoshoot feel like a fun date! I care so much more beyond taking the photo and I don’t ever want anyone to feel like a transaction. I will truly take into consideration you two as individuals, as well as your connection as a couple when photographing your day!

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