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for the nostalgic lovers

by brianna marie

elopement + WEDDING photography

a visual symphony that transports you back to the very moments that took your breath away.

For the couple who wants to escape the clich├ęs and create an unforgettable intimate wedding experience that preserves all the wild and in between moments of your special day.

Elopement Photography

preserve the magic of your big day

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document your love

Let's capture every fleeting moment from your special day so you can revisit your most cherished memories. 

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Wedding Photography

There are no words to describe just how perfect Bri's work is

Autumn & Kyle

She was so relaxed and fit right into the wedding chaos and made the day perfect. Bri was able to get a 5 year old to smile after an interrupted nap, so if that doesn't tell you how incredible she is then I don't know what else will.

Any photographer can take a photo but Bri captured US, our relationship, our love and our personalities

Rose & Malik

I would 10/10 recommended her to anymore and would book with her again in the future!

Bri was absolutely fantastic to work with. The entire time was spent laughing and being relaxed. 

Kellen & Katrina

 We have gotten so many compliments on the photos! Bri is amazing and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer

As your wedding photographer, I'm on a mission to capture the subtly intimate, raw, and genuine moments that make your love story truly timeless, while offering digital and film options.

I've had the incredible privilege of photographing over 200 couples within my first year going full-time! Yeah, you read that right! This has been my greatest form of growth and storytelling!

From the vintage Vegas vibe to the breathtaking landscapes across the country, I've chased sunsets and love stories, bringing my camera along for the ride. So if you're looking for a blend of heartfelt and adventurous moments, let's make some art and create frame-worthy memories!

I'm Brianna Marie

hiii lovers, I'm so happy you're here!

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Luxury wedding photographer